Lindsey ahmet graphic designer manchester packaging designer and branding designer for a food packaging company Manchester
Logo and packaging Design
The brief
To design a brand name, logo and packaging concept for premium high protein meat free, reheat-able burgers that would be in four different flavours, with the packaging to reflect that. The branding design needed to bring current trends in health and convenience together in one product and package.
lindsey ahmet Manchester graphic designer packaging design and photography for food box packaging design
Lindsey ahmet Manchester graphic designer packaging design logo concept design
the logo
To name the burger I conducted research into the industry. The aim was to get this product to stand out from all the products in this category that would be sat on the same shelf. All the others had the word ‘burger’ in their name and logo. I referred to this as being the meat free ‘one’, The Healthy One.

The logo was based around a burger shape with the name acting as the burger/filling.
I created the packaging graphics in a way that speaks to the user about why they needed to purchase this burger, rather than all the others on the shelf. To do this I created a list of words that best described the product and used the idea of ‘word clouds’ to create a grid aligned typographic solution.
lindsey ahmet Manchester graphic designer food packaging design and typography design
Lindsey ahmet graphic designer packaging design die cutter Manchester
Die cutter
To make sure that all the graphics perfectly aligned and the packaging could be made multiple times, I designed a die cutter design that could be used. This also included all the regulatory information that is required for food packaging that is placed onto the bottom of the packaging.
wrapping paper
I worked with the same design as the main packaging and created a wrapping paper design for the internal packaging. This was kept within the branding and the clients ethical ideals.
lindsey ahmet graphic designer food packaging wrapping paper design typography design Manchester
lindsey ahmet graphic designer food packaging box design typography design photography Manchester
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