To represent diversity through typography for the Columbia University in Sri Lanka Typo Day 2017 competition.
My inspiration for this piece came from an interaction between my son and my great Auntie whilst on holiday in Northern Cyprus. My Auntie speaks very little English and my son speaks no Turkish and yet they spent the best part of 20 minutes playing a game only known to themselves.
I was fascinated with how they were interacting and communicating with one another with so many differences and barriers. Barriers that included language, age and even gender.
I started to think about what diversity meant to me and its purest most unbiased meaning. I came to my own opinion that diversity is to simply be different.​​​​​​​
In its simplest form, every single human on this planet is diverse. There are no two humans exactly the same so by definition we are all different. I wanted my work to question the stigma around diversity and the “norm”.
The typeface chosen was based on the need for space within each letter form and for clarity of the words within each letter. 
The colour was chosen to ensure that the concept and meaning was not diluted and its audience was not distracted by colour. From a dyslexic point of view, it is also most legible when text is black on white paper and incorporating another element that can make a person be conceived as different is disability.

The design concept is centred around ‘breaking the rules’ of design with right aligned text, words split across lines and not starting at the top left of the page.  Using the idea that breaking the rules is a form of being diverse, as diverse is currently perceived as being different to the “norm”.

Below is a snap shot of the package I received from Sri Lanka, when I found out I was one of 25 global winners.

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