Lindsey ahmet Bolton graphic designer etymology of the word fake header image in colour woodblock print
Expressive printing
the brief
To design a printed artefact based around the etymology of the word 'fake'. This project was an experimental design brief to explore print design in different mediums.
Lindsey ahmet Bolton graphic designer etymology of the word fake in woodblock print
Lindsey ahmet Bolton graphic designer fake news front cover page design
As my research took place around the time when 'fake news' was trending, I decided to print on newspaper and design my project as if it were a real newspaper.

Included within the newspaper were my pieces of work on the etymology behind the word 'fake'. As well as other stories and topics that we were associating with the word 'fake' at that time.

This includes Plastic surgery, fake imagery on social media and fake news stories that circulated at the time.
lindsey ahmet Bolton graphic designer newspaper layout design
woodblock printing
The printing for this piece was done using black ink with three individual words printed on a4 sheets. I then scanned these into adobe illustrator to create vector artwork to allow me to change the colour of them without losing their printing effects.
lindsey Ahmet Bolton graphic designer woodblock printing design
lindsey Ahmet Bolton graphic designer newspaper design all pages
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